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Tactics Rating Community

Tactics rating community
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Hello! Welcome to TACTICS rating community^^
in this community people can rate other members and be stamped as TACTICS characters!
please read the rules with attention and.. have fun!
your mod _kaze_chan_ (Reiko)

?. You must be a member of the community to vote
?. Please write "retsu zai zen!" in the subject line of your application, to prove you've read this.
?. The survey and pictures must be behind a lj-cut.
?. Post no more than 2 clear pictures of yourself.
?. You need 5 votes or a 10 days old apply to be stamped.
?. You can re-apply ONCE.
?. Even if you haven't been stamped yet, you can vote on anyone.
?. Try and keep it to 1 or 2 choices and bold your votes.
?. After you've been stamped please continue voting for others.
?. Rudeness will not been tolerate!

Ichinomiya Kantarou
Edogawa Suzu
Minamoto Raiko
Hasumi Ryoukan
Father Edwards
Suzakuin Kyouko

click here and here for chibies^^

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if you want to figure in this list you can make your request here^^

tsunayoshi is our Kan-chan!
tamensei is our Sugino-sama!
of_carabas is our Raikou!
fusei is our Youko-chan!
takkey is our Haruka!
hinata is our Rosalie!
_kaze_chan_ is our Reiko-san!
tsuzuki_inu is our Yuri!
indirect is our Youko-chan!
optical_nerve is our Mai!
shyunpo is our Sugino-sama!
snapple is our Haruka!
iluvayame is our Ibaragi!
trigonsgem is our Sugino-sama!
tosshi is our Kan-chan!
kukurin is our Suzu!
epicureal is our Reiko-san!
ranalinde is our Edwards!
eleh is our Youko-san!
sanada is our Hasumi!
krusnik_02 is our Sugino-sama!
aimeara is our Kan-chan!
miyukiko is our Youko-chan!
vegeta_holic is our Muu-chan!
momoko_shugi is our Sugino-sama!
kyabitsu is our Edwards!
maskalade is our Ayame-chan!
potatooutlaw is our Rosalie!
aron_roys is our Kan-chan!
allenwalker is our Suzu!
shia__chan is our Sugino-sama!
chiquis5784 is our Kan-chan!
kageryuuji is our Haruka!
natsuhiiko is our Reiko-san!
pervykappa is our Raikou-dono!
renegade_sanzo is our Kan-chan!

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